Kitchen Super Clean

Maintenance of Food Premises

Things to Know on How to maintain Food Premises Clean

It is very important that food facilities, components, fittings and devices are kept in a good state of repair work and working order so that they do not possibly compromise food safety and viability.
It is also essential that consuming and drinking utensils utilized in food handling or serving are not broken, broken or broken. This is very important as when products are chipped, broken or split they can not be efficiently cleaned up or sterilized and there is a higher risk of food ending up being physically contaminated.

Maintenance of Premises

It is necessary that facilities are preserved to prevent pest ingress and egress and to prevent physical contamination of food. This can be attained by guaranteeing:

  •  there are no holes in walls, floors, ceiling, fixtures and fittings that will allow for bugs to enter or harbor;
  •  there are no holes in doors and window screens that will allow bug ingress & egress;
  •  that there are no exposed wood or chipboard surface areas;
  •  there is no flaking paint particularly around cooking areas;
  •  coving is well sealed to the walls to prevent pest harbourage;
  •  shelving preserves its integrity (no rusting metal and exposed wood).

Maintenance of Premises

It is important that devices is preserved in a good state of repair work and in good working order to make sure
that the equipment can doing the job it is planned to do. For this reason it is necessary that:

  • All equipment including cooling and heating devices are capable of doing the job they are intended to do;
  • All food handling equipment is not broken and is free of cracks and chips to enable efficient cleansing and sterilizing;
  •  Food cleaning devices is kept so that it can doing the job it is planned to do ie: dishwashing machines, buckets and pipes;
  •  Temperature measuring devices must be maintained so they stay precise.